University of Naples


The Department of Pharmacy in the Federico II University of Naples published their research on 25 July 2013 finding:

ScappaTopo® is made up of 100% natural products .(…) it is formulated according to the principle of environmentally friendly, multisensory bio-repellency (…) It is made from commonly used essential oils “.

(…)”ScappaTopo® is stable under normal conditions of usage and storage. (…)
“No hazardous reactions are foreseeable and there are no known episodes of danger to health due to exposure to the product.”

The efficacy tests were carried out by the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Federico II of Naples. The research published on the 26 July 2013 noted that:

ScappaTopo® was particularly effective as a repellent for mice. In fact, the number of times mice attempted to access food in the presence of ScappaTopo® was significantly reduced.

Even more striking results were obtained with the test of cable damage from gnawing. In the presence of ScappaTopo® , the millgrams of cables gnawed were close to zero.

In conclusion (…) our research shows that the natural substance-based formula called ScappaTopo® is an effective mouse repellent, preventing mice from accessing food or gnawing on cables. “