Commercial use

ScappaTopo® benefits

Mice gnaw on almost anything, but prefer electrical or telephone cables. Gnawing through cabling in vehicles and wiring cabinets can lead to more serious damages such as fires and outages.
Power cable gnawing resulting in fire damage is  the most significant damage caused by mice. The World Health Organization has estimated that 26% of electric cable breaks and 25% of fires of unknown origin are caused by mice or rats .

ScappaTopo® prevents mice from gnawing on cables in wiring cabinets, cars, boats, and other vehicles.  This eliminates the loss associated with outages, cleanup, and restoration work as a result of damaged cables.

ScappaTopo®, sachets can be placed anywhere, including within parked cars to protect electrical wiring.

ScappaTopo® was tested for the ability to stop gnawing behaviour in mice.  At the end of the study, no cables showed any gnawing damage.