How does ScappaTopo® work?

ScappaTopo® (Run away mouse) is the innovative environmentally friendly, non-toxic, pleasantly scent-based, award winning mouse repellent. Made solely out of corncob shavings soaked in an essential oil-based patented formula, works by triggering a combined attack on all the senses of the mice.

Unlike traditional pest control solutions that depend on killing or capturing, ScappaTopo® consumers benefit by eliminating troublesome mice from the protected area, with no accidental human and pet deaths/poisoning, as the ingredients are harmless. ScappaTopo® is produced entirely in Italy, complying with EU quality standards.

ScappaTopo® uses a preventive “green” pro-active method, in opposition to the traditional quick fix ‘kill’ approach, that only temporarily solves the problem. It combines ease of use scented sachets for a safe and environmentally friendly way to get rid of any mice.

ScappaTopo® has been thoroughly researched and tested for efficacy. At the University of Naples, the mice-breeding department showed that mice in the presence of ScappaTopo® will not access food, even when starving. At the University of Rome, captured wild mice were exposed to ScappaTopo® resulting in extreme agitation and attempts to escape. ScappaTopo® was also tested for the ability to stop gnawing behavior.

The innovative scent-based ScappaTopo®’s formula triggers a multisensory, non-toxic combined attack that provokes an extremely strong instinctual escape response in mice, causing them to leave the area. It has been demonstrated that the best method of rodent control is prevention. ScappaTopo® is the first natural green prevention repellent made entirely of food grade essential oils and plant fiber.

ScappaTopo® repels, rather than killing. The pleasant-smelling mix of essential oils and plant extracts of ScappaTopo® prevents other mice from moving in.

Like thieves, you want to prevent mice from entering your house and causing damage.