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ScappaTopo® is the revolutionary Bio-repellent made of organic extracts of natural origin and corn fibers, which does not kill but keeps mice away of your home and storage areas. Its innovative formula gets rid of mice in such an effective way and without side effects for the user and for pets, that you will be amazed!

International studies show that is more effectual not to kill rodents, cause they have developed amazing survival strategies against our attack, to overpower them. The more we kill them the more their number increases! Therefore the ideal solution is to repel and keep them away. ScappaTopo® turns the powerful mice olfaction in its worst enemy, hence when mice smell dangerous, irritating scents, they choose to stay away.

ScappaTopo® freshens the air with a pleasant aroma, that acts as powerful multi-sensory repellent, stimulating an innate escape behavior in mice.

Its effectiveness has been tested by University of Naples and University of Rome and leading pest control companies.

ScappaTopo® originates from Italian bio-technological research, and it complies with the latest European standards. Safe around pets that may accidentally come into contact with it.

Easy to use, just place it indoors and ScappaTopo® instantly creates a protective barrier that stops mice from entering your home. ScappaTopo® prevents that your valuable belongings are damaged or contaminated. It keeps mice from chewing electric or telephone cables of your vehicles, your facilities, your boats.

ScappaTopo® and is “green” alternative to the use of most dangerous and polluting rodenticides, soon to be banned.

ScappaTopo® has been awarded as the most innovative Green Economy product by the Regione Lazio, for 2014.

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